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Free Yourself

Godis Awakening Podcast

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We know what's good for you

It is said that “Experience is the Mother of all learning“, and that is the absolute truth. With much experience, much wisdom and knowledge can be gained to the collective.

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We will have topics Ranging from…

Health & Livet(diet)

Marriage and Friendships


Child Rearing

religion and spirituality

And much more

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You are what you eat!

My experience has taught me that what is put into our mouths is what will generate the life we have mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically!

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Who You’re With

Is the person you are with there for the long haul, or for temporary pleasures? Are you consciously aware of your position in this persons life?

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Self Love

Many people do not know what this looks like because society as given us fairlytail dreams that are not conducive to this reality. And has also taught us to put ourselves last.

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Leading Role

Sisters, is he a King or is it a term of endearment? Are you speaking to the King within him with little to no results? What should your next step be?

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Rise Godis

We are super excited to launch soon! If you have any topic idea’s please inbox them to my instagram at the link below!